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Work-Life Balance

Open Jobs

"I have complete control over the quality of care I give to my patients. I am free to treat them how I really want to treat them."
-Theodore Moore, Orthodontist

Specialist Jobs

The PERFECT TEETH™ standard of care extends beyond our general dentistry offices. We provide specialty locations across our network to allow our patients to get the specialized treatment they need from a name they trust. Our affiliated specialists are able to work from one office location which provides a more consistent clinical environment for specialists and patients, rather than traveling from location to location. The convenience of our multiple locations and the Gold Standard care by our experienced providers builds both patient loyalty and an internal referral network which provides our affiliated specialists with patients who are in need of their expertise. We hire endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, and pediatric dentists.

We are proud to provide our affiliated specialists with a guaranteed income, an established patient base, and the opportunity to build long-term relationships with their team all without any capital commitment. Specialists with a variety of past experience have chosen PERFECT TEETH™: private practice, residencies, military, even other groups. Discover for yourself what it means to work for the company that delivers the Gold Standard in patient care.   

Work-life Balance
Our affiliated specialists experience true work-life balance by centering their careers around the patient experience; not practice management. This means enjoying more time out of the office while still working within a private practice environment.

Great Benefits
We offer a minimum guaranteed income as well as an established patient base and a network of internal referrals in addition to a traditional comprehensive benefits package.

Patient Care
At PERFECT TEETH™, our patients always come first. Our affiliated specialists are able to provide treatment at our specialty locations which drives great relationships and patient loyalty.

Our affiliated specialists work from one of our specialty centers and do not have to travel between multiple offices. We give you all of the resources you need to practice your specialty without worrying about running a business.

PERFECT TEETH™ is a publicly traded company established in 1995. With a team of over 100 affiliated dentists and counting, we are continuing to grow.